Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?

As the enigmatic British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell faces trial for her role in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, this documentary asks who she was and what she really became.

The world’s most infamous female sex trafficker, Ghislaine Maxwell’s early life is told through the eyes of those who knew her well. Beginning with her lavish childhood in the shadow of a tyrannical father, we peel back the layers of this beguiling socialite to see whether there were signs of what was to come.

Revealing the shocking contrast between the incredible wealth and power wielded by Ghislaine Maxwell and her partner Jeffrey Epstein in American high society, and the crimes they were committing behind closed doors, this documentary hears from survivors – one of whom has never spoken publicly before – describing how they were drawn into a web of abuse leading to an ultimate reckoning and, for some at least, vindication.

“if you think you know all there is to know about Ghislaine Maxwell, think again”