Vanity Fair: Kevin Spacey’s Deep History of Alleged Sexual Assault Is Exposed in New Documentary

The actor has fought back against the “desperate” Spacey Unmasked, which has already premiered in the UK and will soon make its US debut.

A new wave of sexual assault accusations against Kevin Spacey has arrived in the form of Spacey Unmasked, a documentary in which 10 men speak publicly about alleged abuse they faced at the hands of the actor.

The two-part doc, debuting Monday on Investigation Discovery and streaming on Max following an earlier premiere on the UK’s Channel 4, features revelations from men who were not involved in the London sexual assault trial that saw Spacey acquitted of nine charges last summer. (Spacey pleaded not guilty in the criminal case.) Allegations from men in the documentary, one of whom reportedly refers to the actor as a “soulless monster,” span from Spacey’s high school days to his time on Netflix’s House of Cards, according to the Los Angeles Times. The doc paints a portrait of Spacey as a serial abuser, one who allegedly dangled career advancement and, according to one interview subject, masturbated to a brutal war scene in Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan.

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