The Times: Spacey Unmasked review — it’s a very complicated saga

The movie star, Oscar winner and theatre maestro was the boss. He had power and he knew it, but did he abuse it?

The lunge. Remember the lunge? In my teens, it was the stuff of a million drunken courtship horror stories. “He lunged!” girls would say, in repulsion at an open mouth and flapping tongue. Or, “That guy, he’s a lunger!” Although sometimes, obviously, girls would lunge too. So undignified.

Me, I was timid; I don’t think lunging was ever my style. On the other hand, how would I know? Maybe, in the boozy haze of how all this used to work, I was just lucky. Because the lunge, by definition, ceased to have even been one in the first place when the other person simultaneously lunged. It was Schrödinger’s lunge.

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