The Hollywood Reporter: Kevin Spacey Doc Director on Why the Men Came Forward and Actor’s Response – “He Could Do a Bit More Soul-Searching”

Katherine Haywood, director of the Channel 4 documentary ‘Spacey Unmasked’ (airing in the U.S. on Monday), spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about shining a light on fresh allegations against the once-beloved actor.

In May 2022, when Katherine Haywood began making calls for a Channel 4 documentary she’d been brought on to direct and produce, it wasn’t long before she was “hearing stories of inappropriate behavior.”

Production on the “forensic” documentary Spacey Unmasked, diving into the allegations of sexual misconduct that have toppled Kevin Spacey’s career, started before his U.K. trial had been announced that same May — it even put a “brake” on things, Haywood reveals, as Channel 4 had to wait until after a verdict was reached. He was later acquitted of nine charges brought against him in London in July 2023, but Haywood and her team had found others, uninvolved in the trial, who wanted to tell their stories, too.

“I set out to talk to as many people as I could and understand what the story is,” Haywood tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I tried to contact men and women, young and old… This took months, and I was hearing stories quite quickly of inappropriate behavior.”

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